What a Typical SEO Process Looks Like

Step 1: Discovery1

Step 1: Discovery

Step 2: Benchmark2

Step 2: Benchmark

Step 3: Best Practices3

Step 3: Best Practices

Step 4: Measure Success4

Step 4: Measure Success


  • Step 115%
  • SEO starts with a clear understanding of your business and your goals. Proper SEO process goes through a series of interview questions to uncover what makes you different in your industry and how to translate that into your website’s plan.

Discovery Deliverables

  • Kick off interview
  • Requirements & expectations discussion
  • Brand Discovery
  • Bi-weekly project calls


  • Step 225%
  • Benchmarking means setting a point of reference, as of now, for which future changes will be compared against. You may receive an audit that documents where you’re at now (benchmark) and where you need to go (changes to make).

Benchmark Deliverables

  • Technical Site Audit
  • Analytics & Search Console review and setup
  • Set KPIs and goals

Best Practices

  • Step 350%
  • A thorough technical site audit will lay the foundation for SEO Best Practices. Site audits will include but not limited to review of quality guidelines, crawling/indexing issues, on-page optimization, keyword analysis, competitor comparison, and backlink analysis.

Best Practices Deliverables

  • Keyword Research & Analysis
  • Site Structure Evaluation
  • Backlink Report
  • Content Evaluation

SEO Maintenance

  • Step 490%
  • Final step in a new SEO process is actually ongoing. It is the implementation and support of audit findings, ranking reports, and analytics reports of your KPIs. It is also a time for ongoing content creation ideas and possibly local and social optimization if necessary.

SEO Maintenance Deliverables

  • Review of technical issues as needed
  • Monthly reports: analytics, rankings, KPIs
  • Content Ideation
  • Social Profile Setup/Optimization
  • Local Optimization

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