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SEO Advice and Best Practices

SEO Basics

How Search Engines Work & Guidelines to Follow

How Search Engines Work & Guidelines to Follow

  • Search Engines crawl & index sites to provide the most relevant answers.
  • Search Engine algorithms are not entirely transparent and they do have penalties.
  • Results rely on search behavior and user intent.
Basics of SEO Friendly Site

Basics of SEO Friendly Site

  • Keyword use and abuse.
  • Title tags and URL structures.
  • Content creation and optimization.
  • Enhanced search results.
What to Avoid and SEO Myths

What to Avoid and SEO Myths

  • Search engine, backlink and article submissions.
  • Keyword stuffing and spam.
  • Manipluation, cloaking, and low value pages.
Measure Success & Track

Measure Success & Track

  • Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  • Search engine visits, referrals, and organic traffic.
  • Site search queries and Google Trends.
  • Watch for fluctuations, decreases and increases.


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“Grace is extremely dedicated SEO Professional, She exceeded expectations and helped us develop a SEO plan. She was patient and asked several questions to understand our business."

Cindy Everson, Marketing Manager

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Grace is the absolute BEST! She analyzed every piece of information on our site and walked me through the process, learned our business and made suggestions about how it should be presented on our website. She gave us so much insight and unique perspective about how to spotlight our business. I HIGHLY recommend Grace!